Human resources management

Human resources management means the entire human resource management processes of an organization, as well as their integration into the entire production process of products or services.

The American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) identifies nine main areas of human resource management:

  • training and development;
  • organization and development;
  • organization / design of positions;
  • human resources planning;
  • personnel selection and insurance;
  • personnel research and information systems;
  • rewards / advantages or aids granted;
  • counselling on the personal problems of the employees;
  • trade union/labour relations.
Starting from this structure, AQUAMARINE HR comes to you with Human Resource Management services that involve a series of processes designed to attract, develop and retain qualified employees in order to implement the strategies of your company for which you work or which develop, respectively:

Human Resource Management

Human Resources Planning

Ensures that the company has the human resources needed to achieve strategic goals;

Labour analysis

aims to determine the content of each position in the organizational structure of the company as well as the characteristics that the job holder has to demonstrate in order to perform his work in optimal performance conditions;

Recruitment and selection

refers to attracting candidates for available positions and selecting those candidates who meet the job requirements;

Performance assessment and compensation

is intended to determine the extent to which employees fulfil their responsibilities according to the job requirements; the financial and non-financial reward of the employees for their efforts;

Human resources development

Career Management

refers to the design and planning of employees’ evolution within the company, taking into account both the entity’s needs as well as the performances, the potential and aspirations of the employees;

Professional development and training

is the process of improving and empowering the employees’ capacities through learning opportunities involving access to a variety of formal or informal training programs.

Health and Safety Management

developing and implementing employee health and safety programs.

Modern approach to human resource management

A modern approach to human resource management involves developing, implementing and evaluating programs in new areas such as:

  • humanization of the post;
  • performance rewards;
  • flexible work programs;
  • flexible reward plans;
  • career planning;

The achievement of a company's strategies and performance depends almost entirely on the professionalism, competence and integrity of the human resources it has at its disposal. In fact, an efficient human resource management system brings many benefits, including:

  • ensures the efficient use of human resources;
  • ensures an adequate level of employee performance;
  • contributes to improving the company’s performance;
  • supports the attraction and retention of competent human resources;
  • maintains a positive workplace climate and good relations between the employer and employees;
  • supports the company in adapting to changes in the external environment.

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