Expatriates Assistance

As the international goods and services market develops, the international human resources management is becoming increasingly important. Companies are doing business in any corner of the world, and borders are not an obstacle to business internationalization.

In the context of trade liberalization, along with the increase in the volume of international transactions and the migration of businesses and people, it has created a favourable climate for spreading the concept of multiculturalism. This approach to new developmental trends requires human resource managers from the companies to adapt and find new selection and recruitment formulas. However, carrying out missions abroad involves taking into account challenges such as:

  • the need for adaptation under conditions of cultural interference;
  • a new family situation for employees seconded abroad;
  • the care or interest in the security of employees transferred abroad;
  • living conditions, mentalities and laws different from those which employees are accustomed to in their countries of origin;


Under these conditions, the managerial practice in the field of human resources in an international environment involves several activities such as:

International taxation (taxes and duties

national and international mandatory taxes, tax equalization policies due to a variety of the tax and fees laws, appropriate international agreements, call for the services of consultancy firms in the field);

International orientation

and re-employment (prior training of the employees regarding their travel abroad (vocational training, healthcare, domicile, setting the remuneration conditions);

Administrative services

for employees working abroad (the practices considered as standard in a particular country or organization may be inconceivable in another environment, and the sensitivity to these differences has increased with the emergence of modern organizations in the less developed countries and increasingly widespread use of foreign workers and managers;

Relations with the host government

(official relations with the respective governments facilitates the chance of obtaining jobs, for example);

Translation services

the need for translation services from different languages.

More and more pressure is being put on the governments and authorities of foreign countries lately, that’s why international agreements are multiplying on issues such as:

labour relations, the tax and fees system, the insurance system, health issues and more.

As one of the great challenges of our time is the lack of staff, more recently, companies are looking for candidates abroad to fill vacancies. Respectively, given one of the parties is a foreign candidate, he needs support to integrate himself into a new society, a society whose course of thing is not aware of. Setting a permanent or temporary residence in Romania is no exception.

If you have employees who are in one of the situations described above, AQUAMARINE HR consultants will be at your disposal to make these transition easier, accompanying them in any step regarding the communication with the state authorities.

The Migration Law is a complex one involving a change of residence or a temporary relocation in another country. And, given each country has its own laws and specifics, the foreigner wakes up in a foreign world, confused and most of times scared by the novelty that surrounds him. To avoid wasting time and money, it is best to get legal assistance from qualified specialists who have been working for many years in this area.

As a result of more and more frequent requests, the support we provide to foreigners who are recently employed in Romania, has become an integral part of our company’s activity.

Very often, this support starts at the airplane door and includes, starting with the translation and assistance services in obtaining various documents, to services such as:

  • Legal assistance in obtaining a work permit, if any;
  • Assistance in finding a home for rent / purchase;
  • Support related to health insurance, bank, etc;
  • Formalities for registering a residence;
  • Translation services for identity papers, education diplomas;
  • Assistance in the recognition of studies abroad;
  • Assistance in family reintegration;
  • Transportation & logistics for the foreign goods and others;

Upon request, our representative can accompany the foreigner anywhere in the city in order for him to get acquainted with the places of personal interest - hospital, bank, post and others, thus making the integration of foreigners much easier, contributing to the general success of foreigners’ integration.