Human Resources Audit is a precess that includes

Human Resources Audit

an independent, comprehensive and professional staff flow assessment, Human Resources Audit will allow you to get information on staff records management and minimize the risks of financial losses from possible sanctions of the control bodies.

In other words, the Human Resources Audit is an analysis of the correctness of company staff records. This process includes the following steps:

  • Analysis of the validity of the personnel employment documentation (for: a correct job record, transfer to another post, cessation of the employment contracts, leaves, stimulation and disciplinary sanctions, detachments, delegations, and reports on their performance; holidays program, staff schedule, job descriptions, etc.);
  • Check of the registration and the correctness of the employment contracts, of all changes in the employment contracts;
  • Provision of recommendations on staff management systematization;
  • Provision of recommendations on the organization of continuous professional training (internships, advanced training, etc.), the commission’s certification and qualification works;
  • Reveal of missing documents, but mandatory from the point of view of current labour legislation and its application;
  • Analysis of the legitimacy of the company, documentation and payment of overtime, the work provided in weekends and on the legal holidays, the regime of change and calculation of the working hours;
  • Consultancy on personnel management issues.

The analysis of the existing workforce

and its needs requires an evaluation of the quantitative and qualitative data as well as data on current and necessary competencies. At this stage, we gather information on:

  • age and gender of employees,
  • hierarchical level,
  • existing competencies,
  • educational level
  • fluctuation of personnel,
  • absenteeism rate,
  • transfers
  • maternity leave etc.

This data systematization helps us to easily plan and restructure our workforce needs, and the results of work analysis can also be used in other human resource management processes, namely for:

Job Descriptions drafting;

Recruitment and selection:

based on human resources analysis, relevant criteria for recruitment and selection can be set;

Employee appraisal:

knowing the job content helps to determine the appropriate performance criteria;


Following the analysis, training needs can be established for new employees, establishing the content of the training program;

Compliance with legal requirements:

Knowing the context in which employees carry out their work will provide the necessary information for compliance with the occupational safety and health rules.

Audited human resources documents:

  • internal regulatory documents;
  • legal regulations regarding the documentation management in the field of HR;
  • employment contracts;
  • personal files of employees;
  • job descriptions;
  • registrations in REVISAL - the unique register of personnel;

The results of human resources audit records will be written in a written report that will include the assessment of the HR department’s overall situation, a report that will include specific recommendations for correcting established errors, with reference to official regulations and legislation in force.

The Human Resources Audit Report contains:

1. Structured data on errors identified in human resource records management;

2. The list of missing documents, which must be available in compliance with the legislation in force;

3. Counselling with references to specific articles of normative acts that the company does not fulfil;

4. Assessing the risks of the sanction imposing following the inspections and in the event of a conflict of labour;

5. Support to take all necessary measures to avoid deviations, which may have serious consequences;

6. Recommended plan for continuously optimizing the HR activity;


Therefore, the AQUAMARINE HR consultants come to your support and offer you:

  • Audit of organizational processes;
  • position analysis and design of an optimal organizational structure;
  • identifying the needs of human resources evaluation in the company in order to submit a proposal to optimize them in the company;
  • identifying the internal communication sophisms in order to develop a communication improvement solution in order to retain the employees;
  • optimization of HR processes in order to increase the efficiency of the activity;
  • drafting of policies, internal procedures, regulations, hierarchies, etc. in order to eliminate conflicts, team coagulation;
  • dimensioning / resizing the existing structures according to identified needs;

Benefits of human resources audit:

  • minimizing possible risks and financial losses in the form of sanctions related to the inspections undertaken by state authorities;
  • reducing the risks associated with labour litigation and employee complaints;
  • alignment of human resources documentation with the legislation in force;

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